Guaranteed Rent offers an ideal solution to landlords wanting more from their property investment.  It provides reassurance for landlords by guaranteeing that each month, on the same pre-arranged date, they will receive their rental income regardless of whether or not the tenant has actually made the payment. Even when the property is empty, we ensure that the rent is paid into the landlord’s account, eliminating the worry over void periods or tenant problems.

The advantages

Why Choose our Guaranteed Rent Scheme?

Many potential landlords worry about the uncertainty of void periods when their property is empty or between tenants when the costs associated with managing or maintaining the property remains but the rental income stops. With our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, even if a tenant moves out and the property is empty, we ensure you still receive your rent. Another concern is the non-payment of rent, when a tenant doesn’t make their payment or the payment is late. If this happens, we ensure that you still receive the full rental payment, completely removing any concerns about non-payment.

How much rent will I get?

The amount of rent we can offer you will usually be negotiated in accordance with the Local Housing Allowance for the area.  The local housing rate will depend on the number of bedrooms and the broad rental market area (BMRA) your property falls in.  We can give you a rough guide over the phone but we will need to inspect the property for a more accurate assement.  

Zero commission/ Arrangement fees

With our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, you don’t have to pay any commission for our services. There are no set-up or arrangement fees either, so you receive all of your rent, every month.

Legal costs

Legal costs may arise during a tenancy. This might be because court action is necessary to obtain rent owed by the tenant, or because a tenant needs to be evicted. Having to take legal action is one of the most worrying and expensive eventualities a landlord can face, but we can erase the stress by taking care of any necessary legal fees. We also take care of the process so you can get on with life and continue to receive the rental income you expect.

Comprehensive management

We take care of the management of the property and the tenants. We collect any rent due and liaise with the tenant if any problems arise. We take care of any maintenance required so that you can continue to receive your rental income without the hassle or obligations of dealing with the tenant and any issues that arise.

Property protection

We guarantee your property's condition (fair wear and tear accepted) as well as your rent. If damage is caused by the tenants, we ensure that all damages are fixed by covering all repairs up to the value of 4 weeks rent.

Certification covered

You have a legal obligation as a landlord to ensure that you have certification for gas safety and energy performance before you let a property to a tenant. We take care of the process of obtaining these legal essentials as part of our management of your property.

Eliminate your rent void periods

Whether your property has tenants or it is empty, we ensure that you still receive the rent you expect, when you expect it. You never miss receiving a payment and we never deduct insurance or set limitations on the guarantee.

Strict tenant referencing

Before we place a tenant in a property, we vet them to ensure they pass our reference checks to establish that the potential tenant is a reliable source of rental income.

What makes our Guaranteed Rent different from a traditional management / Other Guaranteed Rent insurances?

We effectively become your tenant and let your property to carefully chosen tenants and absorbing any risk so that you continue to receive rental income from us – whatever happens.

It is the Landlords responsibility to ensure the property is maintained in a habitable condition and complies with Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

For more information about the scheme – Download our Guaranteed Rent Scheme Brochure

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