Regions Estates are experienced HMO Managers that have worked and also live in Hillingdon/West Drayton for many years. The Managing Director also has his own rental portfolio in both Hillingdon and West Drayton so he knows only too well the requirements that landlords have and the challenges that the market can bring.

Tenant profiles

We look after a range of tenants in our house shares from professionals, students to corporate tenants,

Modern lifestyles are changing; young corporate professional tenants are now looking for Clean, Comfortable, Modern and Stylish accommodation which provides an all-inclusive rental service to suit their busy work, social and lifestyle choices……

Here Regions Estates we have created a fresh way of living for today’s young corporate professional tenants in Hillingdon and West Drayton. We have listened to your requirements and we are proud to deliver beautiful and stylish House Share accommodation with first class customer service. Our premium house lets feature friendly communal areas with flat screen televisions, comfortable sofas, modern kitchens and bathrooms and spacious coded lockable bedrooms.

Our professional tenant house shares are typically large properties in great locations
Our house lets come with superb features and all modern conveniences
Our rental houses have unlimited wifi (fibre optic broadband) and flat screen TVs
Our houses come with their own dedicated cleaner and gardener, at no extra charge
Our houses are regularly maintained and are modern and stylishly decorated
A ‘Fair Play’ attitude means you get the quality you expect at a cost you can afford
Deposits are placed in a government backed scheme

We aim to provide you with a friendly, respectful and professional service at all times
Our houses have strict ‘no smoking’ and ‘no pets’ policy. All of our professional tenants must be in full-time employment to qualify for one of our rental rooms. We use innovative solutions to help you make informed decisions in choosing the right home let for you.
New housemates are matched, as fair as possible, with the existing household tenants to ensure compatibility.



At Regions Estates, we not only take on the time-consuming work of running HMOs for our landlords, but we also manage the legal requirements too. Each Local Authority has its own HMO licensing scheme and rules, which affect minimum room size, as well as the quality and range of amenities, safeguards and services you must offer your tenants. Read more about landlord licensing here.

It can be hard for landlords to keep up with the changing regulatory environment. As experts in HMO regulations, we make it our business to know. Our team understand the health and safety requirements, and the importance of keeping the property in a good state of repair.

Unlike an ordinary tenancy, HMOs require more proactive management to ensure they adhere to their licence requirements. More regular inspection visits to the property are needed – in some cases, weekly – and any contact with tenants and work done must be carefully documented.

We have a strong track record in HMO management. We secure our clients the maximum return, take care of tenants’ needs, and enjoy good relations with the Local Authorities because we consistently show due diligence with the properties we manage.

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Property development can bring with it incredibly rewarding returns. That’s why it pays to invest with someone you can trust.

Regions Estates Developments are specialist HMO property developers. We have helped many clients identify and develop land across West Drayton; land that they likely wouldn’t have found without our help.

Having been part of the home building scene for many years we're in the perfect position to both recognise and develop lucrative home sites.

As your dedicated investment partner, we’ll take care of everything from feasibility, planning and design right through to professionally building and selling or Letting the completed units.

HMO properties (House of Multiple Occupancy) are considered to be a house or flat that is Let to three or more unrelated people, rather than to a single family. The tenants involved occupy their own room but share other facilities such as bathrooms, kitchen and living room. One of the main benefits of a property let this way is it can achieve a much higher rental income i.e. A five bedroom house in Hillingdon might let for £2000.00 per month, but with five students renting as a HMO at £750.00 per month each, would yield a rental potential of £1,800.00.

Aside from the cash flow benefits there are several factors which need to be considered before setting out on the HMO path. Houses let in this way tend to suffer more wear and tear, so additional budget needs to be set aside and a higher turnover of tenants can lead to periodical gaps in rental income. The recent rise in popularity of HMO accommodation has been fuelled by home ownership becoming even more out of reach for young people than ever before, a shortage of good quality affordable housing stock and the steady rise in the rental sector leaving working people with few options but to consider shared accommodation rather have their own property.

When planning a HMO there needs to be consideration for building alterations or special fire and safety precautions as HMO properties do have to adhere to much stricter regulations. 

Find out more about what we can offer you as property developers in West Drayton or browse our project gallery.

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