Eviction can be a costly and stressful experience for all concerned. For landlords, itís vital they follow the strict procedures set out in law.

Dealing with a difficult tenant can be extremely challenging: they may be in arrears with their rent, misusing the property or creating other types of problems for you and the local community. If the tenant refuses to move out, a landlord must navigate a myriad of laws to bring about a successful eviction, which can mean added anxiety and tension.

The steps to be taken are determined by the type of possession a landlord seeks and the tenancy agreement they have. Failure to adhere exactly to the proper procedures would not only stall the eviction, but could also result in a landlord being ordered to pay his tenantís legal costs and being charged with harassment.

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On the surface, it can appear as if the law is weighted in the tenantís favour. While it can be highly frustrating and expensive for your asset to be beyond reach, it is important to remember that the law considers depriving someone of their home a very serious matter. As such, judges expect landlords to follow the strict legal guidelines governing evictions and are generally unforgiving if mistakes are made.Regions Estates has dealt with many evictions (section 21 notice). Aided by our legal team, we act firmly, decisively and lawfully to evict tenants as quickly as possible.

If you require eviction support we can help.†Contact us†to discuss your case.

Top 5 Eviction Tips - Section 21 notice

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