Complinace and Obligations

Today's landlord not only has to keep track of all the changes to prevailing local and national legislation, which range from tenant's rights to health and safety, but also demonstrate they fully comply with them. Even for experienced landlords, it can be a tortuous process.

Your obligations as a landlord

There are a lot of rules and regulations to sift through and not all apply to every rented property, but many do. As most of the legislation conerns the health and safety of your tenants, local authorities and courts can be unforgiving on those who fail to comply, imposing heavy fines and even imprisonment.

Often there is no grace period and ignorance is not permitted as a form of defence: if you rent out property, you must do your homework before you admit any tenants and ensure you fulfil all legal obligations expected of you as a landlord. These include:

Compliance services

We offer a wide range of support services to ensure landlords remain on top of all their legal obligations:

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