Many tenants believe that their contents are covered by the landlord’s insurance, this is not the case. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the building is fully insured and that the provider knows that the property is tenanted but that is the full extent of their responsibilities. You, as a tenant, are responsible for your own contents insurance.

It is very easy to underestimate the cost of replacing all your possessions in the event of an extreme occurrence such as a fire or flood. We recommend that all our tenants take out a contents insurance policy to cover their own belongings and there are instances where our landlord’s require the tenant take out a policy that covers them against accidental damage to the landlord’s possession. In our opinion, the relatively minimal cost of this type of insurance represents incredibly good value. In effect, you are insuring your deposit against accidental damage.

We have extensively researched the market and can recommend HomeLet who offer a policy that covers both contents insurance and tenant’s accidental damage at a very competitive price. They also have an extremely good record with regards to claims and settlement.

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