We will provide detailed guidance on the standards your property will need to meet when you sign up with us,

In the meantime, use this checklist to help get your property ready to let. Don’t forget, we can help with getting certificates in place if you do not already have them.


    The property is in a good decorative condition

    The kitchen has a fire-door with self-closer & fire strips

    There is a mains powered smoke alarm on each floor of the property

    There is a mains powered heat detector in the kitchen

    There is a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector in the property - (mains powered)

    Each room has its own entrance, natural light and natural ventilation

    Kitchens and bathrooms have enclosed light fittings

    Each room has at least two sockets

    First floor and above windows are fitted with restrictors

    No gaps in between bannister rails that compromise child safety

    No electrical sockets on skirting boards

    Gardens are not overgrown.

    No dangerous trip hazards in the property

    No connected gas heater

    No internal locks on doors other than bathrooms and toilets

    Guttering is not blocked

    Premises is clear of rubbish or building waste

    Premises free from rat and mice infestation

    Door numbers are displayed and there is a working doorbell

    Keys for windows, letter boxes and communal entrances (where applicable) are available

    Pipe work is boxed in

    3 sets of keys


    NICEIC Certificate (Electric)
    Pass with no recommendations & C1s

    Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    (Minimum ‘D’ rating)

    Gas Safety Certificate
    (Pass with no recommendations)

    Fire Risk Assessment
    (Applicable for flats with common areas)

    Buildings Insurance
    (A copy of your buildings insurance cover)

    Proof of ownership
    (Land registry title deed or mortgage statement in your name)

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